Taxes and the Untaxed Part 2


taxLast week, you read our article for untaxed workers in the creative sphere. As the educators making the arts possible in communities around the country, we want to make sure you’re educated in your finances. This week’s article touches on food write-offs, quarterly payments, and write-offs that you can enjoy!


Food is expensive and you are a busy person. It’s less expensive to pre-make your lunches but there isn’t always time for that… As a creature of habit, I … (read more)

Taxes and the Untaxed Creative Worker


calculator-385506_1280The Ides of March are coming and those of us whose money came to them in a “Miscellaneous Income” format are hurrying to make sure we don’t owe an arm, a leg, and our first born child. If you spent all of last year working in non-profit theatre settings and are claiming whole lot of un-taxed income, we have some good news for you. Read today’s Broadway Educator’s blog and educate yourself on your earnings.

All That Money

The great … (read more)