Broadway Reopening & Covid Protocols

Broadway is reopening this fall. People are once again thinking about the excitement of live theater. Not all shows are opening at once, but productions are announcing their show returns daily.

As a part of the efforts to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters will be instituting practical, but reasonable, covid-safe protocols. These range from up-scaled theater-cleaning & refitted air systems, to limited-contact ticketing.

Each production will have it’s own procedures & policies. The full Vaccination and Mask Policy for Broadway Shows in NYC is available at

These measures are all to provide a safe environment for groups to enjoy the Broadway experience once again.

There are 41 Broadway Theatre venues in New York City. Almost every theatre has a re-opening date already set. It is an historic time to bring a group to New York City to build memories that will last forever.

Broadway Theate has been with us for over 280 years. After a very brief nap, Broadway is back. There is a small group of very friendly people who are interested in you. Together, we can plan experiences that you and your group will remember forever.

Please call for detailed info.

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